What is Cheating?

  • Hacking

    Hacking in any form, including misusing bugs or using third party tools

  • multiple accounts

    Using multiple accounts or teaming up with players to raise scores

How does Ludosix punish Cheating ?

  • 1-Day Ban


    1-Day Ban from Ludosix
  • 7-Day Ban


    7-Day Ban from Ludosix
  • Permanent Ban


    Permanent Ban from Ludosix

You will not be able to play games or withdraw cash in the banned period. You will lose your winnings from the games where cheating has been done. You will be permanently blocked if you are caught cheating in any game, promoting hacks or violating other terms of use at Ludosix’s discretion. In case of a permanent block, any balances on your Ludosix Wallets will be forfeited by Ludosix.

Fairplay Measures

Ludosix Security
At Ludosix, we use the state of the art technology and SSL security for user data privacy and security. We perform regular security tests and automated processes to ensure that Ludosix is a safe and secure platform for users. Our utmost priority is the security of user data, and we always ensure that there are no gaps in securing user data and privacy.
Secure Payments
All the payment information is stored in a safe and secured environment and is not shared with untrusted third parties. Also, we do not store your debit/credit card details with us. All the transactions require an OTP verification, and therefore no transaction can be done without the OTP. In case of any identified or reported issue, a prompt response is provided from our side.
Game Fraud Detection
Ludosix hosts an automatic fraud detection system that will identify fraudulent behavior in games. Random Number Generator stops the users from finding patterns in the cards dealt or dices.
Responsible Gaming
The user will be notified if they are playing for long hours non-stop. They will also be notified if their spending exceeds a certain limit. On the other hand, if the users exceed the time limit of the session, they will have to take a non-negotiable break, in which they won’t be able to use the app for a certain time.
Users that are disconnected due to poor internet connection will be declared lost. Ludosix is not responsible for your internet connection, and can not let the other players suffer due to your poor connection. We highly recommend you check your internet speed and stability before playing games on Ludosix. You can also play the free games on Ludosix before registering yourself for paid battles/tournaments.
Profanity and Abuse
Use of profane, Abusive, and Vulgar words is strictly prohibited throughout the Ludosix app, whether it is in chat or in username.
How to Download Ludosix App & Install